Demo session Global Platform to Monitor School Health – 27 March 2024

The Global platform to monitor school health aims to support countries to obtain standardized metrics to monitor their school health programmes.  Aligned with the Global Standards for Health Promoting Schools, the platform was developed by WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF and the WFP to help countries:

  • Generate standardized data to inform priorities for school health;
  • Inform actions for improvements by linking results with recommendations;
  • Establish trends in school health policies and practices;
  • Facilitate dialogue between countries, international agencies, and others by exchanging information on school health policies and practices.

National school health coordinators, UN staff and development partners are invited to join.


For the ENGLISH version 13:00-14:00 CET March 27th 2024

For the FRENCH version 13:00-14:00 CET April 3d 2024

More information

Flyer webinar Global Platform School Health in English

Flyer webinar Global Platform School Health in French

Visit the web page to learn more about the WHATs, WHYs and HOWs of the platform