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New study highlights the role of education in reducing adult mortality

New study highlights the role of education in reducing adult mortality

CHAIN and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) published a ground-breaking study in The Lancet Public Health highlighting education as a vital factor in reducing adult mortality across demographics.

Findings reveal that each extra year of education reduces mortality risk by nearly 2%, and that education benefits people of all ages and backgrounds. Those who completed six years of education had around 13% lower mortality risk, while 18 years of education resulted in a reduction of around 34%. Having had no schooling was shown to be as bad for your health as smoking 10 cigarettes a day.

Education provides a pathway to improving overall health, as it leads to better employment, income, and access to healthcare. The study emphasizes the need for global efforts to improve education access to interrupt the cycle of poverty and preventable deaths.

Read the article

Read the factsheet

The announcement on the EuroHealthNet website

Mirza Balaj, Claire A. Henson, Amanda Aronsson, Aleksandr Aravkin, Kathryn Beck, Claire Degail, Lorena Donadello, Kristoffer Eikemo, Joseph Friedman, Anna Giouleka, Indrit Gradeci, Simon I. Hay, Magnus Rom Jensen, Susan A. Mclaughlin, Erin C. Mullany, Erin M. O’connell, Kam Sripada, Donata Stonkute, Reed J.D. Sorensen, Solvor Solhaug, Hanne Dahl Vonen, Celine Westby, Peng Zheng, Talal Mohammad, Terje Andreas Eikemo, Emmanuela Gakidou (2024). Effects of education on adult mortality: a global systematic review and meta-analysis. The Lancet Public HealthVolume 9, Issue 3, e155-e165.

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European Public Health Conference – submit your abstract

European Public Health Conference – submit your abstract

The 17th EPH Conference will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, from 12 – 15 November 2024. Theme of the EPH conference 2024 is: Sailing the waves of European public health: exploring a sea of innovation. The main conference is from 13 – 15 November. Pre-conferences will be held on 11 and 12 November.

This year’s conference theme, Sailing the waves of European public health: exploring a sea of innovationencapsulates our collective mission. Just as explorers once set sail to discover new worlds, we, as public health professionals, embark on a journey of innovation and discovery in our field. We seek to push the boundaries, discover new approaches, and chart the course for the future of public health in Europe.

Subthemes of the EPH Conference 2024

  • Artificial Intelligence in Public Health
  • One Health – Animal Approach
  • Social Marketing in Public Health
  • Health Inequalities
  • Global Health

Abstract submission is open

Abstract submission for the 17th EPH Conference 2024 is open from 1 February until 1 May 2024, 18:00 CET. Abstracts are invited for workshops, oral presentations, pitch presentations and ePosters. All sessions will be 60 minutes. Do not miss the opportunity to be recognized for your hard work. Learn from each other and share your knowledge with others. More information here

Abstract Tutoring Programme

EPH Conference offers an Abstract Tutoring Programme providing an opportunity for young and/or less experienced abstract submitters to receive feedback from experienced reviewers. The programme is targeted at researchers who have limited access to colleagues to ask for guidance and comments on their proposed abstracts. More information here.


Registration for the 17th EPH Conference opens 1 April 2024. Registration fees will be announced on our website.

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UNESCO Event on Freedom and Safety of Scientists – 19 March 2024

UNESCO Event on Freedom and Safety of Scientists – 19 March 2024

UNESCO and the Kingdom of the Netherlands organise an event on its new Programme on the promotion of scientific freedom and the safety of scientists on 19 March 2024 (13.30-14.30 CET) in Room IV in Paris. To attend in person, please register here. In case you are participating in person, please make sure to use the main entrance of UNESCO at 7 Place de Fontenoy. The event can also be followed online.

The event will be opened by Ms Monique van Daalen, Ambassador/Permanent Delegate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Ms Gabriela Ramos, Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences of UNESCO, accompanied by brief messages from Ministers supporting this initiative. A group of Ambassadors/Permanent Delegates will then present a Call to Action on the Freedom and Safety of Scientists and will highlight the key concerns, needs and priorities of their respective countries. The event will also feature key findings of the upcoming publication, entitled The Safety of Scientific Researchers: Data, trends and a typology of threats

There will be simultaneous interpretation in English and French. 

Flyer UNESCO Event on freedom and safety of scientists

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Demo session Global Platform to Monitor School Health – 27 March 2024

Demo session Global Platform to Monitor School Health – 27 March 2024

The Global platform to monitor school health aims to support countries to obtain standardized metrics to monitor their school health programmes.  Aligned with the Global Standards for Health Promoting Schools, the platform was developed by WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF and the WFP to help countries:

  • Generate standardized data to inform priorities for school health;
  • Inform actions for improvements by linking results with recommendations;
  • Establish trends in school health policies and practices;
  • Facilitate dialogue between countries, international agencies, and others by exchanging information on school health policies and practices.

National school health coordinators, UN staff and development partners are invited to join.


For the ENGLISH version 13:00-14:00 CET March 27th 2024

For the FRENCH version 13:00-14:00 CET April 3d 2024

More information

Flyer webinar Global Platform School Health in English

Flyer webinar Global Platform School Health in French

Visit the web page to learn more about the WHATs, WHYs and HOWs of the platform

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