Publication – The Lancet and colonialism: past, present, and future

To mark its 200th anniversary, the Lancet has published an article[1] highlighting its past and more recent links with colonialist thinking. The publication shows how the journal has legitimised and continues to promote specific types of expertise, knowledge, perspectives and interpretations in the field of health and medicine. It is based on the assumption that colonised populations have inferior ways of producing knowledge and contributes to maintaining inequalities.
The Lancet’s role is not isolated; other institutions and knowledge platforms have promoted colonialist thinking. Based on concrete examples, this article aims to launch a wider debate on the decolonisation of knowledge sharing and production practices at global level.

[1] Khan, M. S., Naidu, T., Torres, I., Noor, M. N., Bump, J. B., & Abimbola, S. (2024). The Lancet and colonialism : Past, present, and future. The Lancet403(10433), 1304‑1308.

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