Didier Jourdan is Full Professor, former Dean of the Faculty of Education and Vice-President of Blaise Pascal University in France. He used to be Director of the Health Promotion Division of the French National Public Health Agency and is one of European’s lea

ding expert in public health. Didier Jourdan is often appointed as keynote speaker, chair or member of international committees and panels. He used to be President of the “prevention, education and health promotion” commission of the French High Council for Public Health. Recently, he was appointed as the co-chair of the scientific committee of the high-level conference of the World Health Organization in Paris in December 2016. He also leads the project of creation of a Global UNESCO Chair on Children and Adolescents health.

Professor Didier Jourdan advises organizations, NGOs and the private sector on new directions and innovations in two fields: children and adolescent health, governance for health and public health on the one hand and university governance and quality management on the other hand.